EoR: The Third Angle

Your Path

Imagine for a moment sitting down with a group of people to play a game where you don't know the rules...

Some of the other players, ones who were playing before you got into the game, turn to you occasionally and explain with great assuredness what the purpose of the game is, how it is to be played, what is right and wrong, a good move or a bad one -- but their descriptions are conflicting and confusing. Often, as you follow their advice, you find that you are penalized, and lose points. Very often, doing exactly what you were told and planning out the most clever of strategies, you fail. Finally, you are abruptly informed you are out of the game -- not really sure if you'd won or lost, or even what constituted winning!

That scenario would be extremely frustrating and annoying, sounding much more like a nightmare than a game -- hardly an experience anyone would like to encounter. Yet, if you look beyond a wide range of convenient pretenses, that situation is exactly what you are involved in with life itself.

Since your earliest days you've been told by parents, by preachers and teachers, by the media, by older generations, and by peers just what this game of life is about, how to play, how to win. Even worse, every story, every literary work or media expression carries background assumptions and cultural standards that you have also picked up and pretty much accepted -- because there was no other alternate way to look at things! Pray, struggle, work hard, get an education, manipulate people, take vitamins, listen to experts, cheat if you have to, compete, dress and act in certain ways to impress others, protect yourself from bacteria and virus, kiss butt, conform, impress your superiors, obtain money to have power -- these and a thousand other ways you were taught to control others and manipulate reality.

Think about your life! You do all those things as you were taught, and yet you still have troubles, emotional pain, failures, frustrations. You are still unfree, never at ease, never truly at peace. You don't control your life in any way -- your destiny is dictated by other people, by your body's spurious health, by your own shortcomings, by chance and accident, and by a host of other apparent forces.

That need not be!! The Essence of Reality is about coming to realize what life is really about, what you are doing here, why and how you exist. It's about eliminating all the phony old rules they've taught you about this game of life, and seeing clearly how your life, in all its aspects, is directly tied to the inner state of your mind. It's about attaining a Clear Awareness of that innate tie, then building that awareness to a state of inner peace and ease so your experience -- the events and relationships you encounter daily -- will reflect and realize your desires rather than reflecting your fears and negating your wishes.

Clear Awareness is not a talent that needs to be developed or a rare ability in some chosen few. It has nothing to do with race, genetics, your past, gods, or rituals. To achieve Clear Awareness, you don't need to chant esoteric mantras or escape from society, giving up possessions or rebelling against institutions or people. Nor do you have to bow down to experts or priests, join exclusive societies, absorb mystic concepts, or follow occult practices.

You do need to be committed to understanding your Self. You certainly need to be open-minded. You must be willing to look inward into your own mind, to examine your memories, your beliefs, your self-image. The price for exacting real improvement in your life is paid through dedication -- not to some external, esoteric image of a savior, god, or prophet, but to your Self for your own betterment.

In EoR, I deal with Reality. I don't create false images and get wrapped up in ritual and artificial concepts. The ultimate goal is to see life clearly, to become aware of your own nature as a conscious entity engaging a Reality that you yourself create.

Your Path includes pieces that focus on a most personal venture toward Clear Awareness, should you wish to embark in that direction.

Collected here in the Third Angle are reflections on various key aspects of the path toward seeing life and the Self ever more clearly. As is typical of my writings, each entry here stands on its own, examining the subject in focus in whatever depth is appropriate.

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