Speaking to Groups

I make myself available to speak to appropriate open-minded groups. Talks scheduled for the current year are listed in the menu to the left:


As of mid-2014, I've given over 200 such talks. Some of them, older ones, are listed in the sub-menu to the right:


But from the time of my first ventures out, I got far too busy to update each speaking tour. At some point, I'll look back and document these, but just don't have the time now.

To request a talk, or for details on upcoming events contact me via email.

A this writing (August, 2014), I have driven over 70,000 miles across the US and Canada, plus many more in three speaking tours through the UK, including Scotland and Wales. I've done four extensive western tours covering most states to California and up the coast to British Columbia.

During those, I've hiked in and explored many National Parks and Monuments, plus done camping in National Forests. I've visited old friends and made many new ones. Here is a shot of me with my 2003 Pontiac VibeGT, rigged to sleep in very comfortably.


If you have an interest in hearing me speak, email me to suggest a group near you that might host a talk.

To explore my various speaking engagements of the past, you can work your way down through the other selections in the menu at your right. But I guess you'll have to await my autobiography to hear about all my speaking tour adventures...

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