Your Journey Inward
The shortest distance between...
Introduction to the Second Angle
Perceiving/changing mind content
Introduction, Part 2
Change in your pocket
Direction Setting
Setting a destiny
Tools and Means
Getting there, an overview
Perspectives on How and Why Change is Possible
What's up!
The Inner Mechanisms -- Three Types
Welcome to Your Self
Simple Mechanism #1: Mimicking What You See
Emulating Others
Simple Mechanism #2: Accepting What You Hear
Simple Mechanism #3: A Major Emotional Event
An Impact Event
Key Mechanism: Direct Transfer
Literal Implant
Complex Mechanism #1: A Negative with a Positive Attached
Complex Mechanism #2: A Positive with a Negative Attached
Being Punished
Complex Mechanism #3: Imposed Pseudo-Nature
Force and Subtle Force
Complex Mechanism #4: Trying to Be Somebody Else
Deprecating the Self
Complex Mechanism #5/#6: Struggle and Conflict
Toughing It Out
Yet Another Perspective
What's also up.
Tools and Techniques -- A Practical Guide
How to Get There
Behind Love -- A Look at the Interrelationship of Several Mechanisms
There 'tis
What Happens as You Change -- The Emotional Release
Squeezing out the juice
Intro to Core Value Aspects
Values spanning your life
Core Aspect 1 -- Freedom
From what?
Core Aspect 2 -- Peace
Starting with the inner
Core Aspect 2+ -- Ease
Starting with the inner, also
Core Aspect 3 -- Joy
A measured result, not a cause