EoR: The Second Angle

Your Journey

In this Second Angle, I examine mechanisms on several levels by which elements of your mind content combine to create the events, the health, and all relationships you experience in the real world.

As you will see, your leverage -- your only essential control over the direction and outcome of your life -- is, first, becoming clearly aware of the innate tie between mind content and your experienced reality and, second, revising the inner content to eliminate negating effects and begin to realize your will instead of events and relationships that oppose, ignore, or neutralize that will.

This section marks a slight departure from the style of most of EoR. Here the pieces fit together more cohesively. The eight low level mechanisms, plus numerous middle and high level effects are essential to regard as a group. You might picture the Eight Mechanisms as bricks in a wall, while the "Core Value Aspects" are the walls and the "Broad-Based" Mechanisms are the rooms. You are the house. The purpose here is to show you what constitutes the house -- how it is constructed on each level, how the levels relate, how you can change them, and what the consequences will be.

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