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All book order combinations to be shipped to various locations are presented here. Book orders placed when I am at home will have a short note to the purchaser in them. If you place an order while I'm away, I will respond to your order by email -- offering to either ship immediately without the note or sign and ship the book when I return.

The Illusion of "Truth" - The Real Jesus Behind the Grand Myth is now officially released.

You can purchase copies here, in bookstores or online -- or Kindle versions for e-readers. I can't offer e-versions.

Current discount prices for EoR readers...

  • The Essence of Reality:
  • >>> list price: $24.95 cost here: $18
  • The Psyche Exposed:
  • >>> list price: $22.95 cost here: $20
  • The Illusion of "Truth":
  • >>> list price: $24.95 cost here: $24
To this will be added postage and handling. PA residents must be charged sales tax as well.

Note: We are not currently shipping to international locations, as postage has become so expensive. I recommend you purchase books from a bookstore or online. The ISBN for each book is as follows:

  • The Essence of Reality: 978-1-84694-083-5
  • The Psyche Exposed: 978-1-84694-743-8
  • The Illusion of "Truth": Not yet settled

If you live outside the USA and want a copy of Illusion (not available in stores or through Amazon until February), email me at TOM (at) NEHRER (dot) NET and I'll find a postage price to be able to send one out.

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