The Essence of Reality

The Essence of Reality consists of original writings -- the Four Angles, reached by clicking on the numbers 1-4 in the disk at the upper left corner, plus other information and the many Readers' Questions from the menu at left -- which comprise personal perspectives on life, presented publicly for the benefit of readers worldwide.

EoR is not affiliated with any organization whatsoever -- religious, political, or philosophical. Explored with dedication, these perspectives can help you attain freedom, peace, and fulfillment in life.

No fee or donation is ever requested or accepted.

The Book Version of The Essence of Reality will be available at a charge when it is released in January of 2008. That cost is necessary to produce and market the book.

My royalty and any revenue from sale of the tome through this website will be used to offset expenses of promotion. Any other revenue will be channelled into a family trust that will ensure that my writings will be available in perpetuity.

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