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Those arriving here open-minded, sincerely seeking to understand life, are WELCOME! You have found the right place...

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EoR insights stem from this unique vantage point:
* Whatever You Believe in Appears to be True *

Understanding life -- perceiving the integration of your Consciousness with Reality -- requires elimination of old beliefs and definitions, not acquisition of new ones.

As you dispel inner causes to outer issues and cull false "truths" within your understanding, you come to see patterns you create in your health, relationships and failure. Seeing how they manifest from your own inner roots, you gain...

A Clear Awareness
How Life Works.

EoR is free -- just as you must be: no membership here, no followers, no donations, no ads. Book sales do help cover expenses. But my purpose is only to share valued insights into life -- not to reap commercial gain.

Note: The Essence of Reality is not a commercial venture. Revenue from book sales helps cover travel and web expenses. Mr. Nehrer's message is otherwise always presented to readers/listeners for free.

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