EoR: The Fourth Angle

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Philosophy attempts to explain how reality works, and Science and Religion are no more than specialized philosophies. Forget the fancy trappings, the grandiose buildings, the complex machinery and technology, the honors and self-proclaimed titles; none of these endeavors is anything more than an attempt to explain the function of reality and thereby discern a means to control it.

Our ancestors have been seeking to understand Reality for untold thousands of years. Early attempts, as reflected in ancient religions, but rooted long before that, show how creative force was projected into natural phenomena, such as the sun, the wind, and the rains. Perceiving these forces in their daily lives, our predecessors observed how such effects could lead to particular hunting and gathering conditions, how they affected migrations of the herds, etc., and ultimately, personal comfort. The conceptual leap they made was to attribute causality to these natural forces. In their minds, these forces became gods, as they gave abundance, or took away life at their whim.

As language evolved, and these notions of external powers came to be passed down to children in subsequent generations, the kernel of realness became ever more fixed in the status of these conceptualized gods. Virtually every culture on every continent developed its gods and conceptualized their powers into stories that became ever more embellished over time. Science is a recent outgrowth of religious thinking, projecting causal power into laws and formulae that would govern an objective reality of particles rather than to a causal god. And various philosophical efforts state and justify a broad realm of tenets and conceptualizations regarding reality and its function.

All of these are worthy of examination. But from the perspective of Clear Awareness, all these attempted explanations carry innate distortions, and it will be these limitations to consciousness that will be illustrated here -- perhaps to your chagrin if you happen to adhere to the particular explanations.

Modern notions of how life works rest fundamentally upon millennia of evolved conceptualization, ideas which change slowly but significantly as they pass through the generations. Occasionally, though, another influence has made its mark on culture-wide awareness -- an individual has come to see through the accepted beliefs of his peers to perceive, with some degree of clarity, the function of Reality.

In this Fourth Angle, then, I will look into Religion in general, and many Religions individually to examine what they hold and how that compares to the real. Often I will focus on Christianity and its root religion, Judaism. Whether or not you "believe in" these religions and their proposed god, if you grew up in western culture, much of your belief structure is composed of concepts that underly these religions, since they so dominate the evolution of western thought. Likewise, in considering Philosophy and Science, I will focus on elements that affect you and your mind set, regardless of your conscious adherence to any of their tenets.

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