Perceiving the Singularity
Take a good look...
1. Introduction
A broader perspective
2. On Struggle
Tough worship
3. On Purpose
What I'm up to
4. On The Self
You are it all
5. On Structured Beliefs
What you are is what you are
6. On Being Human
Skip the rules
7. On Time
Never was, never will be
8. On Miracles:
Exceptions to what really isn't
9. On Substance
A substantially revised look
10. On the New Age
Ready or not...
11. On Seeking Information
Turn it off
12. On Love and Values
The higher hierarchy
13. On This Expression
A relatively simple message
14. On Evolution
The source behind the scene
15. On My Status
Proper classification
16. On Words
Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
17. On Structure
Keep looking
18. On Fear
Misplaced energy
19. On Thoughts
A phase in between
20. On Death
Close the book
21. On Action and Being
What can be or be done
22. On the Illusion of an Objective Reality
What is there?
23. On The Millennium
This and the next...
24. On The New Millennium
Now this and the others...
25. In Translation
Nothing lost
26. About a Week Away
Time to take a closer look