EoR: The First Angle

How Life Works

You are used to seeing the world in a certain way -- so used to it, in fact, that you scarcely even imagine that how you perceive Reality is a result of your having absorbed ideas presented to you throughout your childhood.

You are about to read material that will question many of the core beliefs underlying the view you currently hold. To benefit from EoR, you must first realize one critical thing: beliefs and understandings which form your world-view, which determine your perception and lead to your action, are only mental constructs. However sincerely you hold to your beliefs, they do not clarify to your conscious mind how Reality works, but rather distort your perception of it.

In the Essence of Reality, my words are not meant to define, but to describe -- and even that description is unusual. I am not proposing here a new philosophical structure with eloquent arguments and proofs to support them. Rather, I am describing, as clearly as words permit me to transfer thoughts to you, how Reality functions when viewed clearly -- that is, with no intervening philosophical structure to distort interpretation. In other words, I do not wish to build for you a new set of beliefs, but to break down the old ones so that you may see Reality clearly. It is such a state of unhindered perception to which I will often refer as "Clear Awareness".

There have been a few individuals within recorded history who have come to perceive Reality rather clearly (see the Fourth Angle, Other Teachings). But their messages, stated in the vernacular of other ages and other cultures, have invariably been distorted by time and translation. This series of pieces offers such a deeply meaningful perspective, but stated clearly in a more flexible, modern language and more open cultural environment.

Behind the appearance of a universe of objects and forces, Reality functions as a cohesive, interrelated Singularity. Material in this First Angle illustrates that Oneness of all that exists, and your place at the center of the ongoing flow of events and relationships which is your personal experience, your life.

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