You and I

You came into life without a user's manual to go by, and on-line help has been mighty ambiguous.

The Essence of Reality presents wisdom from a perspective engendered through a long journey in life, exploring both the external world and the far deeper realm of the mind, with extensive reference to those many wise humans who have come, spoken, and gone before. Making use of EoR as a user's manual for life can save you a lot of trial and error experimentation in the journey of your life...

Before you jump into a river, it would be good to know some things about the water: the temperature, the currents, the cleanliness and such. If you delve into EoR to any depth, it is just as beneficial to understand a bit about me, for I am the water in the particular river which is the Essence of Reality.

Selecting the Introduction to a Potential Relationship from the menu at right will, predictably, give you an overview to using EoR. Clicking on the next option, What EoR is NOT will indicate some things you shouldn't expect to experience here.

The third section My Personal Expression delves a bit into EoR as a reflection on my own journey -- although more of that angle will be seen throughout my writings here. Your Side of the Coin... looks at EoR more from your perspective. As to the next section, The Future, well, you might guess what that considers.

The final offering in this section gives you a chance to ask anything you feel important, and I will answer. Submitting Questions to EoR is burried down in this last section with the implicit arrangement that you will have read the other sections before you begin questioning things that are possibly already answered somewhere else.

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